Utility Side by Sides

Prowler 550i XT

Prowler 700i HDX

Prowler 1000i XTZ

Sport Side By Sides

Wildcat 1000i LTD

Wildcat 1000i X

Wildcat 1000i X LTD

Wildcat 1000i GT

Sport Side By Sides - 4 Seater

Wildcat 1000i X 4

Wildcat 1000i LTD 4

Wildcat 1000i 4

Sport Side By Sides - Trail

Wildcat Trail 700i XT

Wildcat Trail 700i


ilustrated parts manual

When you need to go places, over places and through places – traction is paramount. And Arctic Cat ATVs give you plenty of it. Articulation keeps all four wheels in constant contact with the ground.



Formulated for You and Your Cat

Arctic Cat ATV oils are wet clutch certified - formulated specifically for ATV use, UNLIKE automotive motor oils.